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Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.


get to know me meme: favorite relationships [1/5] → Phil & Haley Dunphy

”I’m going after her. This little chicken game may work for your dad, but it doesn’t work for me. That’s my little girl. I need her to know that no guy on Earth is good enough for her. Let alone some slimy, middle-aged jean salesman.”


New Promo: The Mythology of Gotham 

I always thought Janet was doing a great job playing this character, but this moment, and when she is in the torture chair, were the first moments where I think I found her scary.

They also make me wonder just what is going on in her head, and if it is even possible for her to go back to anything resembling normal.


Calm down, people. Not trying to bash on Elementary. (Why would I? I didn’t even watch a single second from it. I really don’t have any rights to bash on it BEFORE even watching it.)

I just needed some attention which will increase the possibility of getting my question answered: WHY IS SHERLOCK…

Well, for one thing, just because a couple of characters are female, that doesn’t mean that every character has to be female.

For another, it sucks, but, if Sherlock were female, they would probably risk losing a large part of the male audience. I mean, enough people pitched a fit because Watson was a female. Can you imagine if they did that with Sherlock?

To clarify, I would have no problem if Sherlock was a female (I actually think it would be cool). I just think many other viewers would have a problem. I also don’t think it makes sense to say that he has to be a female just because Watson and Moriarty are.

Literally the best quotes in all of history.

I couldn’t even see this picture without thinking about the last scene of Allegiant. :(

I couldn’t even see this picture without thinking about the last scene of Allegiant. :(

I know a lot of Orphan Black fans are disappointed that Tatiana didn’t get nominated for an emmy, but just remember that it doesn’t make her performances any less amazing.